“I am passionate about our community and deeply care about Naperville. I am running for Naperville City Council because I believe my professional experience and community engagement will help ensure our residents and local businesses are safeguarded and prosperous; My experience working in multicultural and multiethnic global organizations, I understand the importance of the City of Naperville’s economy, diversity, and inclusion.”

Fostering Trust and Public Safety

“I will represent every constituent in Naperville equally and keep Naperville a desirable place to live and raise families; Make sure every citizen is included, heard, and respected in our community; I will Promote important public safety measures and reforms; I will support awareness and prevention programs to address increased Drug Abuse and Mental Health in youth.”

Promoting Smart Economic Development

“My 20 plus years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies, ensuring high-quality execution of organizational business services will be a great asset to serving on City Council. I will support business-friendly governance for small businesses to recover and thrive; Promote smart economic growth by safeguarding our businesses from unwanted taxes and regulations, and attract new businesses.”

Investing In Our Infrastructure

“Advocate equitable development to meet everyone’s housing needs and protect Open Spaces. Naperville’s old infrastructures need to be repaired and maintained; I will support Investment in our public spaces, beautification, and infrastructure; Advocate for policies that promote equitable development to accommodate all constituents while keeping the integrity of Naperville heritage”